Our knowledge for your data

We want all data analyzing companies, institutions and organizations to gain independent and fast access to precisely the information they need for working successfully. Therefor we develop and set up data warehouse solutions.  We realize complex data structures and analyzing spaces considering short time frames and develop processing chains that require extensive domain knowledge as well as comprehensive understanding of the whole.

Challenge: Data complexity increases – decision-making time decreases

Companies’ data volume increases rapidly over the years. Nonetheless the companies’ data needs to be available at any time. On the one hand the raw data, coming from the operational system, has a long way to go before it can answer mission-critical questions; on the other hand the time frames available for important decisions decrease constantly.

Our solution: Optimal data organization through individual developments

We help you to organize your data most efficiently. datenwerke has decades of experience in operating and setting up data warehouse solutions. Being specialist for the development of analyzing systems, we provide you with the tools needed to master the flood of data. You can rely on our experience, on our consistent use of standards and on our opportunity to draw on our in-house developments.

How we work

We are competent, results-oriented and determined. Flat hierarchies and experienced teams empower us to work highly efficient. We are well trained and highly specialized in the area of analyzing. We keep our fingers on the pulse to adjust our competences to changing requirements.

What you get

You will get fast and flexible solutions to work efficiently with your data and to process it optimally. Highly committed and motivated, we create, in close coordination with you, fast, flexible and individual solutions that are, due to our perfectly organized management, good value.

Others trust us

Among datenwerke’s clients are the investment banks of the federal states Schleswig-Holstein, Rhineland- Palatinate, Berlin, Hessen and Lower Saxony.